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Hourglass body shape
Hourglass body shape
Apple body shape
Our research found that women identify with 4 body shapes:





Busty body shape

Knowing your body shape isn't about what you can't wear, it's about knowing what you can wear and how to make trends and styles work for you. Our mission as the shape experts is to offer fabulous on trend clothes that flatter everyone's unique figure.

We help our customers to forget about anything they don't feel confident about and focus on all the good stuff…after all, fashion is supposed to be fun!

So how do we help our customers focus on the good stuff?

Pear body shape

By making sure shape is at the heart of everything we do across all of our teams. From our designers that create beautiful products for the specific shapes, our HR teams who devise our shape training to our multichannel teams that ensure our customers understand what shape they are.

We'll give you all the tools you need to become an Evans' Shape Expert too!

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